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Just Thermal Break
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Australian suppliers of simple Aluminium Thermally Broken Systems for Architectural and Commercial Building Industry.

Just Thermally Broken.

Designed by Fabricators for Fabricators. 100mm & 150mm wide with a 30mm wide glazing pocket.

The needs of local fabricators to produce systems with cost efficient methods of manufacture are one of our main goals.

As thermally broken becomes more and more of an industry requirement, we seek to fill that void between high end pricing and standard commercial framing.

Making "path" Window Systems the ideal products to hit those all-important U-Values & SHGC's and not break the bank.

Perfect systems for Residential Designs and Commercial Projects alike.

Are you ready for the new NCC 2019 Wall Window Ratio requirements and how it will impact on your fabrication requirements?

We can help you .

Currently Available in:

100 mm Front Glazed Pocket
150 mm Front Glazed Pocket
50 mm Top Hinged Awning Sash
110 mm Wide Stile Hinged Door
Sliding Window :2 track 100 mm
Sliding Windows: 3 Track 150 mm
Sliding Doors: 2 track 100 mm
Sliding Doors: 3 Track 150 mm
Currently AvailableCurrently AvailableCurrently Available

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